COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Project

May 28, 2020

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation awarded a $1 million grant to Con Alma Health Foundation as part of its $50 million humanitarian aid to support families and communities experiencing the greatest strain under the COVID-19 health emergency. Con Alma distributed funds to New Mexico nonprofits that are providing basic needs, including health care, food distribution, emergency housing and financial aid, to people most impacted by COVID-19.

“Some of our populations in New Mexico have been disproportionately harmed by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Dolores E. Roybal, Con Alma’s executive director. “We hope our grants will address short-term needs for communities facing daunting health challenges as well as strategies for an equitable recovery.”

In addition to the grant awards to nonprofits, Con Alma is collaborating with the New Mexico Health Equity Partnership, an initiative at the Santa Fe Community Foundation, to collaborate with others working on COVID-19 recovery efforts to:

  • Leverage resources
  • Prevent duplication of efforts and services
  • Identify and address underserved needs
  • Create a plan for the equitable recovery from COVID-19 that focuses on long-term policy and system change strategies that address health disparities and advance health equity

“We will use our experience as an equity foundation and tap into the networks we’ve developed over the years to consider what we can learn from this experience and how can we can advance health equity, strengthen our infrastructure and our fragile safety net so all of our populations can be better prepared for  any crisis,” Roybal said.

Using a health equity lens, Con Alma has awarded 37 grants to address short term needs in New Mexico as a result of COVID-19. We apply a long-term view on policy and systemic change strategies that address health disparities and advance health equity as part of an equitable recovery for the families and communities feeling the greatest strain under the COVID-19 health emergency.

COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Project Grants, 37 grants awarded to date totaling $770,000.

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