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Con Alma Health Foundation Invites You to Nominate a Hero of Health 07/30/2018

If you know someone who is dedicated to improving health in New Mexico we want to hear from you.

Heroes can work in any field, including health-care providers, policy makers, advocates, clinicians, administrators and volunteers who are dedicated to address health needs in New Mexico. We would love to hear about individuals who are working to ensure all people have an equal chance at living healthy lives regardless of their zip code, income or ethnicity. Past nominees are eligible for resubmission.

Nomination Form: Nominate a Hero Today

Nominations are open until September 5, 2018

“We always love hearing about the amazing individuals who are making New Mexico a healthier place. We especially like hearing about people who donate their time and energy to improve the health of their communities,” Dolores E. Roybal, executive director.

We will donate $1,000 to a New Mexico nonprofit of the honoree’s choosing, and recognize the hero and nominees at our annual grantee recognition event.

Past heroes include: Ophelia Reeder, facilitator of the McKinley County Health Council; Mary Stoecker, retired health promotion specialist for the New Mexico Department of Health in Silver City; Douglas Meiklejohn, executive director of the NM Environmental Law Center, and Lauren Reichelt, director of Rio Arriba County Department of Health & Human Services; Kim Posich, executive director of New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty; Vicki Johnson, creator of a home-visiting, educational program for first-time parents; Juliana Anastasoff, a health extension rural officer in Taos for the University of New Mexico; Chuck Howe, founder of the National Veterans Wellness and Healing Center in Angel Fire; Rebecca Palacios, who addresses health disparities by improving drinking water in the colonias and enhancing the diets of Mexican-American households; and Kristine Suozzi, a public health advocate with New Mexico Health Equity Working Group.

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Con Alma Health Foundation Invites You to Nominate a Hero of Health 07/30/2018

If you know someone who is dedicated to improving health in New Mexico we want to hear from you. Heroes can work in any field, ... Read More

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Health Equity in New Mexico Through the ACA

Achieving Equity in Health  for Children and Families  in New Mexico Through the Affordable Care Act
Con Alma Health Foundation released a report assessing how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been implemented in New Mexico. This comprehensive study focuses on ACA measures intended to increase health equity, in which everyone has an equal chance at living a healthy life regardless of a person’s ethnicity, income or zip code.

Click here to learn more.

Interactive Maps

New Mexico Children and 
Health Insurance Coverage


The Affordable Care Act includes provisions that focus on improving quality of care for racial and ethnic minorities. In New Mexico about 70 percent of children are of color, and almost a third of children live in poverty. Interactive maps are available that detail seven categories of children’s insurance coverage by county. These maps are a useful tool for anyone interested in learning more about the insurance coverage of New Mexico’s children by such categories as race, place, gender and income.

Click for Maps