Partnering for Health Equity

Nov 14, 2018

Bringing people together to help ensure all children and families have a fair chance at accessing resources needed to live a healthy life.

As the state’s largest private foundation dedicated solely to health, we announced in late 2017 that we received a two-year grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to strengthen our fragile health-care safety net and support health-care reform efforts in New Mexico – critical issues that were identified in our assessment of the state’s progress in implementing health-equity measures of the Affordable Care Act.

This is work we can’t do alone. This spring we partnered with the New Mexico Health Equity Partnership, an initiative at the Santa Fe Community Foundation, to bring together nonprofits and government agencies to inform how we can ensure that all children and families have a fair chance at getting insurance coverage and accessing health care and other social resources which are needed to live a healthy life.

We appreciate the dedication of these individuals and other stakeholders across the state who advocate for the health rights and needs of our diverse communities, and advance policy and other strategies to work toward health equity, when everyone has an equal chance at living a healthy life.

By coming together, we are strengthening relationships with organizations focused on health issues and creating successful networks to guide policy makers and stakeholders in how they can best support our children and families as well as advocate for the health needs of all.

This is just the beginning. We are planning to organize more convenings to involve as many partners as possible throughout the state. We will continue to keep you updated on our progress and how you can help us support New Mexico’s health-care safety net and health-care reform efforts.

Download the reflection notes from the April 19 Call to Action: Children at the Center (Health Care Reform in New Mexico) event here: Reporting/Reflection Notes


Call to Action: Children at the Center Project Team

Charlie Alfero, Southwest Center for Health Innovation: New Mexico’s Public Health Institute

Lisa Cacari Stone, Transdisciplinary Research, Equity and Engagement Center, UNM

Nelsy Dominguez, Con Alma Health Foundation

Amy Donafrio, Con Alma Health Foundation

Abuko Estrada, NM Center on Law & Poverty

David Gaussoin, New Mexico Health Equity Partnership

Melanie Goodman, Project Consultant

Jessica Jensen, New Mexico Health Equity Partnership

Erik Lujan, Health Policy Committee & AIPC

Dennis McCutcheon, Con Alma Health Foundation

Terrie Rodrigues, NM Alliance of Health Councils

Dolores Roybal, Con Alma Health Foundation

Kee Straights, Nadine Tafoya & Associates

Nadine Tafoya, Nadine Tafoya & Associates

Barbara Webber, Health Action New Mexico

Con Alma Health Foundation - The Heart and Soul of Health in New Mexico

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