Logic Models: Dead or Alive

May 16, 2016

NM Evaluators invites everyone touched by logic models – non-profits, government agencies, program evaluators, funders – to an engaging and friendly debate and discussion about logic models in their many forms, their potential value, and where they can fall short in the real world.

After a brief review of the history and use of logic models, NM Evaluators’ presenters will share their unique perspective on logic models and then facilitate a discussion about how you can apply the ideas discussed in your own work.

After the engaging discussion, delicious food and beverages will be served at 3:30 pm so everyone can continue to connect and network.

Please join us at the networking event if you can’t come to the logic model discussion; invite your colleagues, too. NM Evaluators’ board members will be present to tell you about the exciting events and other perks that will be offered this year.

More info and registration

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