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Health equity concerns those differences in health that can be traced to unequal economic and social conditions and are systemic and avoidable – and so essentially unjust and unfair. Con Alma Health Health Foundation has commissioned an update of the 2006 Con Alma Health Foundation Report “Closing the Health Disparity Gap in New Mexico: A Roadmap for Grantmaking” which focuses on achieving health equity and will guide the Foundation’s future grantmaking. The information will also assist us in developing a new strategic plan.

We are proud to include community voice in this new report, thanks to community participation in focus groups held statewide. Below, you can read more information about the focus groups and some of the preliminary findings and recommendations from the report.

15 Focus Groups
12 Geographic (rural & urban): 3 Racial/Ethnic
Grants African American
Las Cruces Hispanic/Latino
Hobbs Native American
Silver City
Santa Fe
Las Vegas

Focus Group Questions

1) Does this “snapshot” accurately describe your community?

2) What are the priorities for health in your community?

3) What do you want for the future of health in your community?

4) What are the resources, strengths and opportunities that promote health equity in your community?

5) What are your ideas/solutions to promote health equity?

6) Beyond funding, what role(s) should CAHF play in addressing health equity?

Preliminary Focus Group Perspectives

  • Improved conditions and policies that address SDOH
  • Policies that advance health equity, especially among racially and ethnically diverse populations
  • Bigger, diverse health workforce, & culturally competent providers
  • Preservation & enhancement of cultural and spiritual assets
  • Prevention, nutrition, health promotion & holistic health
  • Increased access to quality & affordable healthcare
  • Increased focus on elderly and immigrant populations
  • Rural health care access; Behavioral health; & Health care reform

Selected Secondary Data Findings

  • In 2010, NM ranked 33rd in health indicators
  • By 2030, NM will move from 39th to 4th in percentage of people over 65 yrs old
  • Largest Hispanic population in nation (46.3%,) with 58% of Hispanics under 18 yrs old
  • Native Americans make up 9.4 % of New Mexicans, African-Americans 2.1 %
  • 2nd highest percentage of uninsured: 21.6, behind Texas (24.6)

Preliminary Recommendations

  • Educate legislators and policy makers
  • Support cultural and spiritual traditions
  • Increased community collaboration (within and between communities
  • Focus on systems change



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