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Annual 2020 Grant Cycles are closed

Application Period

Opened: Friday, April 6, 2020 at 9:00 AM
Closed: Friday, May 8, 2020 at 5:00 PM


Grant Cycle Process

2020 Con Alma Grants Process

2020 Northern New Mexico Health Grants Group (NNMHGG) Process

Grant Cycle Guidelines

2020 Con Alma Grants Guidelines

2020 Northern New Mexico Health Grants Group (NNMHGG) Guidelines

Con Alma Health Foundation awards grants, to qualified 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organizations serving the people and communities of New Mexico, each year in support of nonprofits’ efforts to improve their community’s health. The emphasis of our grantmaking is on attaining long-term policy solutions and health equity that is informed by community voices.

The Foundation grants promote systemic change and are outcome oriented. Successful application requests align with the Foundation’s mission and core values.

Area of Interest and Priorities

Con Alma Health Foundation defines health broadly in the areas of health and human services. The Foundation defines health broadly to include physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, social, oral, environmental, and spiritual health and well-being and has a focus on the needs of the uninsured/underinsured and the medically underserved. It works to advance health equity and reduce health disparities by promoting greater access to health care and improved quality of health care for all–with a special emphasis on people of color and rural and tribal communities.

Priority consideration is given to proposals that demonstrate strong collaborative relationships, have multiple funding sources, a plan for sustainability and address systemic change rather than direct services.

Funding Opportunities

Nonprofits interested in approaching Con Alma for funding can do so through two overarching funding opportunities:

Con Alma Grants

Con Alma Grants awards grants that engage in health systems strategies that address the needs and builds on the strengths of the diverse communities of New Mexico. The Foundation supports the identification, preservation, and communication of traditional practices that maintain, foster, and improve health status.

Northern New Mexico Health Grants Group (NNMHGG)

In partnership with the Hospital Auxiliary for Los Alamos Medical Center, the Northern New Mexico Health Grants Group awards grants that promote the health and wellness of the diverse peoples of Los Alamos, Española, and northern Santa Fe counties.

Eligibility and Funding Restrictions

No grants are made to individuals, for lobbying, scholarships/fellowships, or for capital costs, including property, construction or renovations. The Foundation’s grants may compliment, but shall not replace federal, tribal, state, city, town, or county government health programs. Review the current year’s Grant Guidelines for additional eligibility and restrictions.

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