It may also be useful to download and refer to the “Online Application Troubleshooting Guide,” which answers many of the FAQs in greater detail.

Questions About Creating/Using Your Account

You set up your account when you make your first grant application. Links to applications for open grant cycles are available on the ”For Grantseekers” page. Click on an active link, and you’ll be taken to the Sign-In page. If you don’t already have an account, you click the “New Applicant” button and follow the instructions.

You need only a valid email address and a password. With this information, you can create a personal account that will allow you to submit applications for any organization you may be associated with. Information about organizations is collected only on a specific application.

You may apply for any open grant cycle with an existing account. Open grant cycle links can be found on the ”For Grantseekers” page.

Yes. The account is connected to you, not to an organization. If you work/volunteer for more than one organization, you can create applications for each organization with your account.

There is a “forgot password” link by the password entry field, you can click that to have your password sent to you immediately. You’ll then be required to change your password using the “ change password” function. If you have other problems accessing your account, click the “Contact Us” link and send an email enquiry for assistance. Emails will be returned during normal Con Alma business hours.

Questions About Creating a New Application

Review the guidelines for the grant cycle you are applying for carefully. If you believe your Quiz answers were correct, we prefer that you use the “Contact Us” link to ask for clarification about why you weren’t allowed to apply. If you made an incorrect quiz answer by mistake, you must log out and log back in to begin the application process again, but if you make too many attempts you might be locked out of the system. If that happens, use the “Contact Us” email link to request help.

First, please check your web browser to ensure that you have enabled, that cookies are turned “on” for our site, and that you have no script blockers or other browser plugins enabled that might create a conflict. If you can’t tell whether this is the case, contact your own IT staff. If your browser appears correctly configured, use the “Contact Us” email link to send a help request, and include the operating system and browser you are using (with version info.)

Your application will NOT “autosave.” The online system is configured to prompt you to save after 90 “idle” minutes- and typing in form fields is considered “idle time”, since you have not saved or changed form pages.  We recommend you use the “save” button whenever you complete a page, and you will be prompted to save when you click the “review” button. If your application “times out” because you have been inactive for more than 90 minutes, there will NOT be an autosave version available, so remember to save your work before you leave your desk to find that piece of information you need!

Yes, you can use the “Manage viewers” function to give someone else viewing (not editing) access to an application in progress.

Only one account may have editing access to an application at a time. If you wish to “transfer” an application to someone else to complete, or work on, you need to use the “Transfer to New Owner” function. (They can transfer it back to you when they are done, or submit the completed application.)