Census 2020

As a foundation that seeks to improve the health of our state’s diverse communities, Con Alma supports a fair and accurate census count of all who call New Mexico home. An accurate census count is crucial to the funding of Medicaid, transportation grants, education grants, Section 8 Housing Vouchers, Community Development Block Grants and dozens of other health related federal programs. Billions of federal dollars are distributed to states based on census counts and each New Mexican not counted equates to a loss of approximately $3,000 every year for the next decade. A 1% undercount of New Mexicans in 2020 could result in a $600,000,000 loss of funds over a ten-year period. As home to some of the nations “hardest-to-count” communities, many New Mexicans are at a higher risk of an unfair and inaccurate count in the upcoming 2020 Census.

To learn more about how the 2020 Census affects you, and how you can help in securing an accurate count, explore the resources below and in the sidebar. Be sure to check back for updates to our resource list and this page. Sign up for email updates on important Census 2020 related information here: Census 2020 email updates. And connect with us on social media to engage and share timely census information. Social media links are in the sidebar and at the bottom of the page.

Source: UNM Geospatial Population Studies (GPS)

Con Alma Health Foundation Census 2020 Resource List – National and local census resources especially pertaining to philanthropy, systems, and health.

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