Con Alma’s assets go beyond the dollars it grants. The Foundation will continue to serve as a convener and as a catalyst for positive, systemic change.

We involve more people in public policy issues, identify ways to increase national foundation involvement in New Mexico and promote statewide initiatives to improve health and advance health equity.

Our roles include:

  • Convening individuals and groups to gather information, discuss issues, and develop plans, solutions, policy proposals, etc.
  • Collaborating and partnering with funders and organizations to develop innovative approaches to address health issues
  • Leveraging resources to increase the capacity of government, businesses, and nonprofits to develop and implement health solutions
  • Supporting policy changes at all levels to improve the ability of communities to promote health for everyone


Con Alma builds partnerships, advocates for all, and invests in systemic change to improve health in New Mexico.


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Health Equity in New Mexico Through the Affordable Care Act

“No study in New Mexico and few studies in the nation use an ‘equity lens’ to assess the implementation of the ACA,” said Lisa Cacari 

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