Con Alma Health Foundation grants focus on ensuring that all people have full and equal access to opportunities that enable them to lead healthy lives. To that end, the Foundation awards grants each year to support nonprofits’ efforts to improve their communities’ health.

In addition to our regular grant cycles this year, we awarded grants to help some of New Mexico’s families and communities feeling the greatest strain under the COVID-19 health emergency. We received two national grants to help address short term needs in New Mexico as a result of COVID-19, and to focus on long-term policy and systemic change strategies that address health disparities and advance health equity as part of an equitable recovery.

We made 79 grants totaling $1,342,000 to date in COVID-19 relief grants (in partnership with WKKF and RWJF and other NM and national funders). Follow the COVID-19 Emergency Relief links below to learn more about each project and the grantees from each.

This year, in lieu of our in person annual Grantee Recognition Event, we are planning a grantee recognition campaign. The campaign will kick off in December and run through February. Grantees who are interested are welcome to connect with the Foundation to continue throughout the year as many of their projects will be ongoing through 2021 and beyond.

Con Alma understands that health is more than healthcare. As such, the Foundation’s grants reflect a diversity of strategies and issues that affect people’s physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, social, oral, environmental, economic and spiritual well-being.

Through our annual 2020 grant cycle, we have awarded 39 grants totaling $465,000.

We congratulate all the 2020 Grant recipients!

Follow the links below to learn more about this year’s grantees from each category.

COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Project, To provide humanitarian aid to help some of the families and communities feeling the greatest strain under the COVID-19 health emergency (37 grants, totaling $770,000)

COVID-19 Relief for Immigrant Communities, Establishing and management of the COVID-19 Relief for Immigrant Communities in New Mexico Fund, to provide direct assistance to New Mexicans who are immigrants and create awareness about the structural barriers to their well-being (42 grants, totaling $622,000).

Northern New Mexico Health Grants Group, Promoting the health and wellness of the people of Los Alamos, Rio Arriba, and northern Santa Fe counties through a partnership between the Con Alma Health Foundation and the Hospital Auxiliary for Los Alamos Medical Center  (13 grants, totaling $150,000)

Technical Assistance Grants, Strengthening the capacity of New Mexico’s nonprofit sector (10 grants, totaling $115,000)

General Operating and Project Grants, Supporting health systems strategies to address the needs of our diverse communities (16 grants, totaling $200,000)

Whether through the Foundation’s grantmaking, partnerships, research or reports, Con Alma serves as a catalyst for positive, systemic change. The emphasis of our grantmaking is on attaining long-term policy solutions and health equity that is informed by community voices.