SHARENM Logo“By the year 2030, New Mexico’s percentage of population over age 65 will move from 39th to the 4th largest in the nation.” In our ongoing work to increase awareness of aging issues in New Mexico, Con Alma Health Foundation is proud to support SHARE New Mexico by collaborating on a Community Initiative Page on the topic of Healthy Aging. The aim of the initiative page is to connect groups and individuals working on, or interested in aging issues so they become aware of each other. On the initial landing page you can find sub-pages where information is focused and shared with specific audiences (seniors, caregivers, advocates, and grandparents raising grandchildren). As we continue to update content on these pages we encourage your suggestions and invite you to contribute.

Please visit SHARE New Mexico to learn more about this most auspicious work.



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FUNDING OPPORTUNITY – Rural Health Public-Private Partnership

Con Alma Health Foundation is partnering with the Rural Health Public-Private Partnership (RHPPP) to help support the Rural Health Aligned Funding Initiative (Aligned Funding Initiative) 

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