2016 Annual Recognition Event 11/04/2016

Con Alma Health Foundation would like to thank everyone who made this year’s Annual Grantee Recognition Event possible. We would like to extend a special 

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2009 Grantee Recogntion: Our First Live Webcast 03/07/2012

Link to online conversation document Pics Description of event

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2010 Grantee Recognition with Video Message from Senator Bingaman

Plus description of event.

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Con Alma’s 10th Anniversary Nov. 18 09/01/2011

10 years ago, Con Alma Health Foundation was sparked by the vision of its founding members and has grown with the guidance of many partners 

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SAVE THE DATE – Friday, November 18, 2011 03/31/2011

For its 10th Anniversary, Con Alma Health Foundation will be celebrating the work of its more than 400 grantees and the investment of more than 

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Healthcare: Body, Mind, and Spirit

Con Alma is proud to partner with New Mexico First in a statewide town hall called Healthcare: Body, Mind, and Spirit. A broad range of 

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