The online application system is configured to “time out” after 120 minutes of “idle time”. “Idle time” includes the time an applicant spends typing in answers or selecting options on form fields. Only clicking to a new page of the application or clicking the ‘save and finish later’ button will reset the time out counter.

Applicants receive a prompt to save their application after 90 ‘idle’ minutes, and if thirty more ‘idle’ minutes pass on an open application, the user is automatically logged out- without saving.

Typing data in long text form fields- especially if you need to confirm or gather information from others while writing the answer to a narrative question- can sometimes result in this automatic logout, if you forget to save or happen to be away from your desk when the save prompt appears.

To prevent data loss, you may wish to draft the answers to narrative form fields in a separate text file (which you can do offline, you don’t have to be logged in to the online application system) and then cut and paste your information into the narrative fields on the application.

We’ve provided lists of the narrative questions on each application form in .rtf (rich text file) documents. Click the link below to the type of application you want to complete, to download the .rtf document:

2019 NNMHGG Text Question .rtf

2019 CAHF Grant Text Question .rtf

Please note that cutting and pasting answers may sometimes result in odd-looking characters appearing the final HTML version of the application, as not all browser cut and paste functions map to the same character set our online application system uses. This is fine, we can usually determine what happened when (for example) a question mark is substituted for a double quote mark. It may help if you use minimal formatting in your cut-and-pasted answers, and add formatting when working in the application live.