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Healthcare: Body, Mind, and Spirit 02/17/2020

The caduceus is the traditional symbol of Hermes and features two snakes winding around an often winged staffCon Alma is proud to partner with New Mexico First in a statewide town hall called Healthcare: Body, Mind, and Spirit.

A broad range of stakeholders will join in building consensus on approaches and public policy solutions to improve the physical, behavioral and mental health of New Mexicans. Folks who are invited to share their voice in the conversation are people who are making a difference in healthcare policy as well as those who want to make a difference, such as community members from rural, urban, frontier, tribal/pueblo areas, healthcare providers from the promotion and prevention side to intervention and treatment, business leaders, government professionals/policymakers, students, health advocates, faith leaders and people who work with data.

All geographic, political, and cultural backgrounds are invited to the town hall.

More info and registration can be found here http://nmfirst.org/event-details/healthcare-body-mind-and-spirit-town-hall

The town hall is free, but seats are limited and will go fast. 

Register Today!

In the run up to the Town Hall, New Mexico First will be hosting several Community Conversations around the state. These include but are not limited to Peralta (completed), Santa Fe, Taos, Truth or Consequences, and Socorro. Please check this link for the latest on locations and registration for the regional Community Conversations: http://nmfirst.org/event-details/healthcare-body-mind-and-spirit-town-hall#Conversations


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Healthcare: Body, Mind, and Spirit

Con Alma is proud to partner with New Mexico First in a statewide town hall called Healthcare: Body, Mind, and Spirit. A broad range of ... Read More

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Census 2020

As a foundation that seeks to improve the health of our state’s diverse communities, Con Alma supports a fair and accurate census count of all who call New Mexico home. Visit our Census 2020 page for resources and information on how you can be more involved in this crucial effort: https://conalma.org/beyond-grantmaking/census-2020/

Health Equity in New Mexico Through the ACA

Achieving Equity in Health  for Children and Families  in New Mexico Through the Affordable Care Act
Con Alma Health Foundation released a report assessing how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been implemented in New Mexico. This comprehensive study focuses on ACA measures intended to increase health equity, in which everyone has an equal chance at living a healthy life regardless of a person’s ethnicity, income or zip code.

Click here to learn more.

Interactive Maps

New Mexico Children and 
Health Insurance Coverage


The Affordable Care Act includes provisions that focus on improving quality of care for racial and ethnic minorities. In New Mexico about 70 percent of children are of color, and almost a third of children live in poverty. Interactive maps are available that detail seven categories of children’s insurance coverage by county. These maps are a useful tool for anyone interested in learning more about the insurance coverage of New Mexico’s children by such categories as race, place, gender and income.

Click for Maps